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Feb 15

6 Welding Workplace Injuries to Avoid

Welders have an important job to do, and unfortunately that job often puts them at risk in a variety of ways. With that in mind, all welders should be aware of the dangers surrounding them on a daily...

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Feb 12

Workers' Compensation Claim: Carpal Tunnel Pre-Qualifications

When most people hear the phrase "workplace injuries," they might picture machinery accidents or falls involving hazardous factory railings or floors. However, injuries with a subtle and gradual...

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Feb 08

New York State Scaffolding Laws and Workers' Comp

New York State is home to unique scaffolding laws that can play a significant role in local workers' compensation claims. These laws draw both praise and criticism, and their overall effectiveness is...

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Feb 05

The Workers' Compensation Claim Appeals Process

Injured workers have numerous rights as they seek workers' compensation, as any experienced lawyer will tell you. According to New York laws, one of those rights is the right to appeal any decision...

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Feb 01

Lawyer vs. Non-Lawyer

You've been injured on the job and have committed to filing a workers' compensation claim. Now you have two routes available to you. You can proceed with a lawyer or a non-lawyer.

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Jan 29

Correct Compliance with Workers' Compensation Laws

When it comes to New York's workers' compensation laws, employers need to take a variety of measures to ensure they are in compliance.

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Jan 26

How to Talk to Your Workers' Comp Doctor

In New York you're often able to select your workers' compensation doctor from a directory of authorized physicians. But no matter which doctor you select, there are certain subjects you'll want to...

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Jan 22

Preventing Injury While Working in an Office

While working in an office environment might seem mundane, it is not entirely free of health hazards. You certainly won't have to worry about falls from scaffolding or runaway forklifts, but more...

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Jan 18

How To Prevent an Injury While Working in a Factory

Factory workers have an important role to play in the manufacturing industry. Unfortunately, their tasks often involve manual labor that can potentially put them in harm's way. A factory work...

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Dec 12

Worker’s Compensation or Personal Injury Lawsuit: Which should I file?

Many people confuse worker’s compensation with personal injury claims.  The two are not one in the same.  Before you file for worker’s compensation benefits you should know and understand the...

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