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Nov 28

NYS Workers Comp Board Revises Policy on Medication Hearings

As most claimants in New York State are now aware, a conscious and concerted effort has been made over the last two years to tackle the perceived problems of long term opiate and narcotic use.  As...

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Nov 17

Workers Comp - What Happens if you Move?

Obtaining medical care for a Work Injury in New York State is can be complex. Your physicians are required to jump through hoops, file forms and your benefits are dependent upon the proper...

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Nov 14

How to Calculate Your Workers' Comp Settlement

Lots of factors must be considered before a settlement is awarded in a New York workers' compensation law case. Expect each case to include its own unique details and yield different outcomes....

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Nov 08

What Should I Do After an Injury at Work?

Suffering an injury at work is terrifying. Many of us work for years without ever suffering a work-related injury. Navigating the worker’s compensation system is stressful and may feel very...

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Nov 02

How much can I receive from a Workers' Compensation settlement due to a back injury?

If you’ve suffered a back injury at work, you should know that no two Workers' Compensation cases are alike.  Therefore, it is difficult to provide an answer to this question because the amount of...

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Oct 30

How Long Do I Have to Reopen a Workers' Comp Case?

It's a relieving feeling to finally put a workers' comp case behind you and move forward with your benefits. Unfortunately, for many people, that sense of relief is only temporary.

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Oct 19

The Top 3 Work Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Work injuries are often unexpected and unpreventable.  When you look at the top 5 work injuries as reported by Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Academy of Social Insurance, most work...

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Oct 19

Should I settle?

Should I settle my case?  As workers compensation attorneys, we hear this question often from workers that have experienced a workplace injury.  Unfortunately, it is a difficult question to...

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Oct 09

Can I File a Claim Myself or Do I Need a lawyer?

Following an injury at work, the last thing most people want to deal with is navigating a stressful legal situation. However, others are willing to consider the task of filing a workers'...

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Aug 21

What are my rights if I’m injured at work?

If you're injured at work, you shouldn't have to fret. Workers' compensation laws are there to keep you secure. The specifics of these laws vary from state to state, but the general aim is to...

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