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Finding a Doctor to Help with Your NYS Worker’s Comp Case


If you’ve been injured in a work accident and have a NYS worker’s comp case pending, you should know that not all Doctor’s accept worker’s compensation insurance.  The NYS Worker’s Comp Board compiles a list of Doctor’s who are authorized to treat injured workers.  To search for a Doctor near you, click here to visit the site of the NYS Worker’s Comp Board.

What to Do If You Can’t Find a Doctor That Accepts NYS Worker’s Comp

Last year, a news station out of New York ran a story about how difficult it can be to find a Doctor that accepts worker’s comp insurance.  The story noted that many Doctors listed as authorized providers for NYS worker’s comp cases, are turning away patients, saying they no longer accept worker’s comp insurance.  The news story featured a man that was injured at work.  He was given the name of 64 different specialists that were authorized providers that could help with his injury.  He called every single one and they all said they did not accept NYS worker’s comp cases.  To view the entire story, click here and you’ll be redirected to the news feature.

For someone dealing with a NYS worker’s comp case, not being able to find the proper medical care can be unnerving.  Here are some suggestions on how you can not only find a Doctor that can help with your case but also find a Doctor that will be supportive as you navigate the process.

Tips for Finding a Doctor that Handles NYS Worker’s Comp Cases

  1. Visit the Website for the NYS Worker’s Comp Board
    As mentioned above, start with this site.  Search for Doctors in your area that accept worker’s comp.  When you find someone you may be interested in seeing, contact them directly to ensure they accept worker’s comp insurance.  As the news story indicated, just because they are listed on the site does not mean they will be able/willing to treat you.
  1. Go Outside Your Local Area
    If you find you are having a difficult time finding a Doctor locally, consider looking for Doctors within a short driving distance.  While this may not be ideal during a time when you are dealing with an injury, it may help you get the care you need in a timelier manner.  If you end up having to travel out of state, you should first make sure the Doctor can accept NYS worker’s comp.
  1. Vet Your Doctors
    Because worker’s comp cases can involve some paperwork and specifics from a Doctor, it is important that you work with a Physician that understands the process and is willing to help you through it.  Again, even if a Doctor is listed on the site, you should still take the time to vet them.  It is your responsibility to learn more about the Doctor’s experience, their practice and to investigate their history of conduct.

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