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How to Find the Best Worker’s Compensation Attorney


When you’ve suffered an injury at work, you should consider trying to find the best workers' compensation attorney in Western New York to handle your case.  Working with an experienced workers' comp attorney can help ensure you get the benefits you deserve.  If you’ve suffered a work injury you know a situation like this can change your life in an instant.  You may leave for work expecting a normal day on the job and within minutes find life has changed dramatically.


Why You Need to Work with the Best Worker’s Compensation Attorney

A serious work related injury can jeopardize your ability to continue generating income as you normally would.  When a work injury occurs, your income will probably decline while expenses from doctor’s visits and medical procedures are increasing.  Overtime, this could put you and your family’s financial well-being in jeopardy.
Simply filing a worker’s comp claim and expecting it to be approved could result in a complete loss of income so it is important that you find an experienced workers compensation attorney to help you navigate the process of filing a claim.  Attorneys that do not specialize in workers compensation cases may not have a thorough understanding of the system and all the rules associated with it.  If you don’t want to risk being denied the benefits you need to protect your financial well-being, find the best workers' compensation attorney and put them to work on your case!

Finding the Best Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Now that we’ve addressed why you need an experienced worker’s comp attorney on your team, let’s talk about 3 ways to vet potential legal partners to ensure you end up working with the best!

    1. Do Your Research
      Before you make any decisions on which worker’s comp attorney you are going to work with, do some research.  The internet is a powerful for tool for finding information about potential legal partners and helping you narrow down which workers compensation attorney may be the best in your area.  Also, ask your friends and family for referrals.  From there create a list of several you feel seem to be the best and set up a time to talk with them.
    2. Consider Your Consultation an Interview
      The best worker’s compensation attorneys general provide free consultations.  Use your free consultation as an opportunity to learn more about them and their practice.  You should treat your free consultation like an interview and ask a lot of questions.  Here are a few sample questions you should ask:
    1. How long have you been handling worker’s compensation cases?
    2. Does your practice specialize in worker’s comp or is it just one of the services you offer?
    3. Tell me about the claims process. What can I expect?
    4. If I work with you and have questions, will you be my primary point of contact?
    5. How are you compensated?


After the Consultation

As you are asking the questions above, pay careful attention to how the attorney is responding.  After the consultation, consider if he/she was getting impatient or taking their time to explain everything in detail.  The best workers compensation attorney will understand that this process is overwhelming and as a result, they will try to answer all your questions in detail so you have a thorough understanding of what to expect.

At Gielowski, Federice & Caligiuri, LLP, we work tirelessly to be the best worker’s compensation attorneys in Western New York.  Our practice is dedicated to winning worker’s compensation cases for our clients.  We pride ourselves on delivering personalized service during a time when our clients need us most.   If you’ve been injured at work contact us to schedule your free consultation and we guarantee you’ll quickly see, you’ve found the best worker’s compensation attorneys in Western New York!



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