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How To Prevent an Injury While Working in a Factory

Factory workers have an important role to play in the manufacturing industry. Unfortunately, their tasks often involve manual labor that can potentially put them in harm's way. A factory work environment doesn't necessarily have to be hazardous. To stay safe at work, keep an eye on the following:



According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls, slips, and trips accounted for most workplace injuries in the manufacturing industry in 2016. From the standard spilled drink to machine leaks and chemical spills, an unclean work environment can seem like an obstacle course for workers. Report spills to management and alert your coworkers. It only takes a few words to help others avoid a potential fracture or sprained ankle.

Dangerous Machinery

Make sure you've been properly trained before handling machinery; otherwise you become a danger to yourself and others. When it comes to new equipment, you should receive a thorough explanation on operating procedures. Warning labels should also be visible and their words heeded.


When moving heavy items, you'll need to have correct form to avoid strains and sprains. However, it can be difficult to maintain proper posture if your muscles and joints are exhausted. Pay attention to your body, especially your back. Most overexertion injuries are back related, according to the National Safety Council. Don't take on more physical tasks than you can handle. Every time you push yourself, you risk suffering an injury that results in lost wages.

Factory-related Illnesses

Working around chemicals, fumes, and loud noises puts you at risk for occupational illnesses and disorders. In many cases, the symptoms of these conditions won't manifest immediately. For example, after years of working around noisy equipment, you might notice a ringing in your ears or even hearing loss. Communicate openly with management about your concerns, and pay close attention to safety information presented to you throughout the workday.


checklist what to do if you're injured on the job

Hurt at Work?

Whether your injuries are the result of a sudden incident like a fire or they're due to gradual damage from exposure to dangerous fumes, you'll want proper compensation for your pain. The types of injuries that factory workers face vary widely in scope and intensity, as do workers' compensation cases. Fortunately, you never have to enter the legal arena alone or unprepared. We'll help you get paid for lost wages.

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